The Brass and Woodwind Shop, L.L.C.

We strive to provide high quality new and used instruments at affordable prices.  We have instruments ranging from beginning student models all the way to the finest hand built brass instruments in the world for the most discerning professional musician.  We have a full service authorized repair shop offering free estimates, affordable repairs, first class workmanship, and guaranteed work.  We can provide everything from basic playable condition repairs all the way to complete restoration and customization including a new upgraded leadpipes, master engravings, and new lacquer or silver, copper, nickel, and gold plating.  We also have many parts and accessories in stock for your instrument.

We try to keep a large stock of high quality American made refurbished instruments in excellent to like new condition in stock.  These instruments make a great alternative to the high cost of a new instrument or purchasing a lower quality import instrument in our opinion. 

We buy used instruments!  Bring in your old instruments that are just collecting dust and we will be happy to buy them from you.


We are proud to be an Authorized Dealer and Repair Shop for Calicchio Musical Instruments and Earl Williams Trombones.

Repair and Sevice Information: 

I am a NAPBIRT(National Association of Professional Band Instrument Repair Technicians) Professional Repair Technician with over 30 years experience.   I do all the repairs in-house myself.  I guarantee all the work I do. All the horns I sell andall the rapairs i make come with a 1 year warranty!  There are a few exceptions.

We offer a Full Service Repair Shop.  Free Estimates. Guaranteed Work.  High Quality Instrument Repair is our specialty.

We have NO minimum repair charge. No repair is too small. We do simple repairs for free many times.  The general shop labor fee is $40/hour.  Our repair prices are about half the price of other shops due to our low overhead while still striving to provide a higher level of qulaity and service than anyone else.

Please feel free to bring in your instrument in and talk to us.  We will work within your budget to get it back playing again.

We use Biodegradable, Anti-Bacterial, Earth Friendly Cleaners, along with 100% Synthetic Safe Lubricants in our cleaning and assembly processes.  We even have Magnetic Dent Removal Capabilities!  This makes brass instrument dent removal much more economical and the work is much higher quality over conventional dent removal methods.

The prices below are typical service charges for complete cleaning, dent removal, and silver polishing. The Instrument will look and play like new in many cases.  

Pricing for Service and Repairs:

(All pricing subject to inspection of the instrument first and are approximate.)

The typical fee to get and instrumnet back to playable condtiion is usuallly about $30 - $50.

Level 1 Service: $40 - $120 Depending on the size and type of horn to be chem. cleaned and stearalized.

Disassembled, chemically cleaned and sanitized, flushed, lubricated, dents removed, and assembled with all necessary felts, springs, and corks. 

Level 2 Service:  $60 - $180 Depending on the size and condition of the horn.

Level 1 Service plus all the accessible dents raised, new rebuild kit with pads, felts, springs, spit valve pads, bumpers, strings, etc., hand polishing, horn is returned to like new as possible.

Professional Silver Horns can be carefully hand polished and slide function improved.

Valve alignment available. We have a HD digital fiber optic bore scope for valve alignment verification.

Instrument Overhaul or Restoration by Inspection Only!

Repair Service Rate Examples:

Soft Soldering:       $10.00 + UP                 Valve Repair:       $25 + UP                  Silver Soldering:       $20.00 + UP

Water key Spring:  $10.00 most horns       Restring Rotor:    $12 each                  Pull Mouthpiece:        FREE most horns

* slide repairs are not included in chemical cleaning pricing.  Additional charges may apply.

Woodwind overhaul with new pads and corks: 

Instrument is fully dissassembled, all old pads, corks, and felts removed. Body is chem cleaned and polished as needed. Grenadilla wood is cleaned, stearalized, and rehydrated with bore oil.  Keys are buffed, polished, and chem. cleaned, and then cleaned with alcohol. New AAAA grade cork is installed with industrial grade contact cement. Profesional quality pads are installed using the finest glues available. Tone holes are trued or leveled. Joints trued and/or fitted. Pivot tods, are cleaned, polished, and oiled.  Tenon corks replaced as needed or requested.  Pads are seated a minimum of 48 hours with multiple leak and play checks afterwards. 

Black Kangaroo skin pads with nickel domed resonators are available on request for about a $50 upgrade fee on saxes.

Our prices are all inclusive. Exceptions are specal upgrades like kangaroo pads on a sax or cork pads on a clarinet.

Flutes: Complete Overhaul at $199

Clarinet: Complete Bb Overhaul (composite or wood) at $199

Alto Sax: Complete Overhaul Starting at $379

Tenor Sax: Complete Overhaul Starting at $479

Baritone Sax: Starting at $649

Oboe: Starting at $399

Playable condition repairs by inspection only. 

Above is an example of my engraving and plating work available. This is a Lawler C7, Model 2-3-4 - Exact Copy of Miles Davis's Martin Committee accurate to a thousandth of an inch. Full Deluxe bell engraving.  Silver plate. #3 large .468" 5-step bore. #2 fast taper leadpipe. #4 .472" fast taper bell. Nickel slide tubes. A work of art and a real moster of a horn to play. $2000.  SOLD

The picture at the top of the page is of 2 Large Bore .462" Bach Stradivarius Model 37L and 25L trumpets I built.  Both have new #42 brighter hotter playing leadpipes, with full Bach deluxe bell engravings, double plated in silver and 24kt Gold. Bach artisan brass valve guides, springs, pads, and felts.

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We are a local business.  We are Christian Family Owned and Operated.